Friday, July 02, 2010

Greece Pictures: Part 3

The third day in Greece, we went to the ancient site of Delphi to see the temples, treasuries, and more there. Delphi is best known as the place where the Oracle resided and offered advice to those in trouble. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery on the way there, so I don't have any pictures. :-(

So I'll move on to the next day. We boarded a cruise ship for a 4 day trip around several of Greece's islands. (I'm skipping all the pictures of the cruise ship - I'm sure you all know what a typical cruise ship looks like - pool, lots of tables, restaurants, etc.) Anyways, the islands are where you see the really beautiful parts of Greece! Our first stop on the cruise was at the gorgeous island of Mykonos. All of the buildings there (and I mean EVERY building) is pure white with bright blue roofs. We found out later that all the buildings are whitewashed twice a year.

(Click all to enlarge.)

We mostly stayed along the coastline:

We found out that at the other end of the island, there was a lovely little place called "Little Venice," which had pretty windmills and was a great spot to be at during sunset. Unfortunately, we left Little Venice before the sun set (although we got some great sunset pictures back near the cruise ship!), but it was still a fabulous scenic spot for photography:

I managed to get this picture at Little Venice while the sun was setting. Because the sun was too bright for my camera lens, I took this photo by placing my sunglasses in front of the lens. I really like the effect!

As we walked back to our cruise ship, I got some really nice sunset photos on the beach:

My attempt at a meaningful picture :-)

More sunset pictures:

The cruise ship, all lit up at night:

Hope you liked these!


Beth S. said...

Wow! That is such a cool idea you had - putting your sunglasses in front of your camera lens! I'll have to try that sometime! It might even be better if the lenses are polarized since they actually sell polarizing filters for camera lenses.

I agree that the beauty of Greece is significantly greater on the islands. I haven't never been so mesmerized by a place as I have with Santorini. I want to go back so bad.

Nonie said...

The pictures are really really gorgeous, especially the ones with the sunset and the island. :) Thanks for sharing them.

Single Winged Butterfly said...

WoW! It's beautiful!

Priya said...

Thanks for the comments! Beth - we went to Santorini on the second to last day of the trip. I'll have those pictures up soon!

Maya Ganesan said...

Pretty! Greece is beautiful.

Beth Kephart said...

so white.

so blue.

(good photos too!)