Saturday, July 03, 2010

Scarlett Fever

by Maureen Johnson

As Scarlett Martin's rigorous sophomore year begins in New York City, her life takes a turn for the extraordinary. Her eccentric boss' demands are getting weirder and weirder, her brother suddenly becomes a notorious and hated TV villain... and that's just the beginning.

Scarlett Fever is the sequel to the hilarious novel Suite Scarlett, and it is every bit as witty and exciting as its predecessor, if not more. The main selling point for this book is its three-dimensional characters, all of whom were so easy to sympathize with. The sarcastic and funny exchanges between the diverse characters were very enjoyable, and they really made the plot work.

All in all, I loved this book. Yes, the story can be kind of unrealistic sometimes, but it was always fresh and fun. Sometimes we just have to read something a little different. :-)

(Copy provided by publisher.)


Maya Ganesan said...

Looking forward to reading this one! I loved Suite Scarlett.

Nonie said...

The cover is so pretty...

Priya said...

Nonie - I was going to mention that in my post! I always thought that the cover was pretty when I saw it online, but it's even better in person - so shiny and new.

Anne Bennett said...

Do you think that this book and it's prequel are appropriate for public high school libraries? Please answer on my blog or I might not see your answer. I found you, btw, on Readergirlz. just wanted you to know that someone really does read those reviews. Good job.