Friday, February 29, 2008

Rain on February 29th, 2008

Happy Leap Day!
Here's a poem titled "Rainbow" to commemorate today's dreary rain.

Rain splattering on the gray sidewalk
Forming puddles,
Little pools of rainwater.
Worms wriggle out of their shelters
Taking pleasure in the water.
And little streams trickle off my dark umbrella
Wetting my boots.

Rain hammering on the roof
Wanting to get in
As I lay in bed, snug and cozy
Suddenly, the rain slackens
Pattering gently at my windowsill
Seeping down the glass
Lulling me to sleep.

The next morning, all is quiet
I look out the window
And bask in the warm sunshine.
The roads are slippery
The grass is wet
And high, high above the treetops
A glittering, colorful rainbow smiles down at me.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Short Story

This is a short story depicting an action that takes place in about 10 seconds.

Radiant, shining beams stream through the window as Sally happily prances into the room and spots a box on the table. Curiously, she picks up the colorful package, a present from her parents, and feels the sharp edges of the box, her eyes eager. As her expression softens, the girl lightly runs her hand over the elegant, satin bow and tries to peel off the bow, but her fingers finally yank at the tapered edges and undo the ribbon, which falls to the table. Moving swiftly, Sally’s hand digs into the wrapping and rips through the paper, leaving a pile of paper sitting forlornly next to the ribbon, which lies on the table. Inside the package rests a battered box, which Sally scornfully contemplates as she pulls out the lid. Sally peers inside the box apprehensively and gasps, her eyes widening and her hands shaking, for inside the box sits……….