Monday, June 09, 2008

Horses in the Rain

Two white horses and one tan, racing in the rain
Galloping across the grassy meadow with ease
Their manes whipping behind them
Like streamers waving in the breeze.

Their pale bodies standing out
Against the dark green of the pine trees
Their agile hooves trampling the slippery grass
Jumping over tree stumps with expertise.

The rain pours harder, lightning strikes
Thunder sounds in the distance
One white horse rears up, too frightened to go on
The other two keep racing with determination and persistence.

They reach a river, crashing against the jagged cliffs
With foamy waves and churning water
The tan horse veers sharply to the side and disappears into the fog
Knowing that crossing the river would surely be slaughter.

One lone white horse, crossing the dangerous river
Fighting its way through the waves
Finally, it reaches the other side and continues on
So tired, wanting to go home to the caves.

Suddenly, after what seems like forever
The moon comes out, a shining ball of white
The majestic horse looks up as the storm ceases
Calmed by the sight.