Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Books I've Been Reading

Perchance to Dream is the sequel to Lisa Mantchev's delightful debut novel, Eyes Like Stars. The writing is rich and quirky, the characters are just as wonderful as ever, and the story is captivating. Although I thought the ending was a little unsatisfactory, it was still an enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to more!

Charlie Bone and the Red Knight concludes the bestselling Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo, which I've been reading for at least five or so years. The writing is definitely middle-grade, but the story is still fun and interesting, and I would recommend the series to anyone who loves fantasy. I thought this book was a great end to the series - it was a little too predictable and satisfying, but still interesting.

Once again, another sequel here. Princess of Glass is the follow-up to Jessica Day George's Princess of the Midnight Ball. I loved this book! It was fresh, funny, suspenseful, and just good, classic fantasy. I woudl have liked to see a bit more character development for one or two of the characters, but other than that, it was quite a lovely book.

I'd like to start this off by saying that I love the Percy Jackson series. And I don't think that anything else Rick Riordan writes is going to match up to it. That being said, The Red Pyramid was still an amazingly good book. It incorporated so much Egyptian mythology and was action-packed and exciting. I think the problem, though, was the characters. None of them were particularly interesting or endearing.

Anyways, I remember reading on Goodreads about someone who said something like, "It was a million times worse than Percy Jackson, but it was still really really good!" Yeah. That sums it up.

After reading When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, I understand why it won the Newbery Medal. Yes, it's a "good" book that all students should read, but it's also plain ingenious. I knew that everything in the story was finally building up to some big revelation, but I never would have guessed what that revelation would be. This book is simply a gem. It may not be the most interesting or enjoyable book ever, but I think it's something everyone should get a chance to read.


maya ganesan said...

I agree with your comment about The Red Pyramid; I felt the exact same way! :)

Nonie said...

I know I said something similar about Scarlett Fever, but I have to point out again that the cover for Perchance to Dream is gorgeous! The illustrator who drew the cover is truly talented.