Friday, July 23, 2010

CSN Products Review

A while ago, thanks to Jessica from the CSN Promo Team, I got the wonderful opportunity to review some products for the online CSN stores. With my $60 gift certificate, I got three things:

The Elite Products Single Round Bean Bag

This bean bag is really nice for sitting and relaxing in - it's surprisingly lightweight but also very durable and well made. It's also a good size - perfect for kids and teens. I'm not too sure about adults but my dad informed me that it was too small for him. So. Anyways, if you're looking to buy a bean bag, I would recommend checking out this product.

Second product: The Goodhope Bags Quilted Ladies Tote Bag

I bought the black one. I haven't used it yet, but it looks comfortable and useful. I was surprised by how big it was, though. Even though I noticed the listed dimensions of the bag before I bought it, the picture makes it look kind of like a big handbag. Well, it's not. It's a good size for traveling purposes, but probably not the right thing for a small outing.

I had a couple dollars left in the certificate, so I decided to spend them on a Uni-Ball Vision Exact Stick Roller Ball Pen.

(My handwriting was kind of messy because I was writing on top of a tower of rainbow paper. Sorry!)

The tip is very fine, which I like for school projects and maps where I have to do careful outlines in pen. The ink is good (and it's waterproof), and it writes really smoothly, so I'm happy with this.

Well, that's all! I had a great experience shopping at CSN Stores - they were really good about keeping me updated on all the shipping times and the statuses of the products - and everything shipped really quickly. I got free shipping on the bean bag too, which greatly lowered the costs. My mom also called customer service once to ask about the bean bag, and they were really informative. I suggest that you check out all the CSN sites if you get a chance!


pinkapplecore said...

I've never heard of CSN, I wonder if it's like QVC. I'll go check it out. Have fun on your bean bag, those are always fun!

Nonie said...

Your beanbag looks super comfy! And..I'm a little obsessed with handbags and the like so I'm glad you reviewed one! I'll have to check out the site. It looks pretty good.

Julie said...

I love bean bags! I have two HUGE ones downstairs. Well, they are something like a bean bag, but they are filled with this kind of weird stuffing. They're very much fun for jumping on and throwing at people.