Saturday, November 25, 2006


The day started off with rare sunshine, soon to disappear into the misty chill of the dismal, cloudy sky.

I woke at the same time as Maya, slipping into my bedroom slippers and peeking into Maya's sun-lit room. After a hurried brushing, I ran downstairs to find it empty and cold. After a quick bowl of oatmeal, I started my horrifyingly complex school project, which included a gigantic sheet of watercolor paper, several boxes and lines, weird looking creatures, similarities and differences, rulers, a computer, and a paper cutter.

Now, after finishing the easy part of the project and lazy to start the hard one, my stomach is rumbling with hunger. Apart from being cold, a sleepy lull has taken over the house......

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I already started making Christmas presents. I know it is early, but it is fun to make them! I already finished one of them.

Have a great dinner!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Oral Book Report Tips

  • Practice a lot- especially in front of a mirror.
  • Don't procrastinate! Spread your book report out.
  • If a costume is needed, pick a fun one that will ease your nervousness. If you need to make a visual aid, start early.
  • Making eye contact- don't stare at the floor or ceiling! Look at your audience.
  • Talk loudly. Don't mumble, stutter, or whisper. Using an accent or fun voice will also add effect to your report.
  • Choose a book that you enjoy or you think is interesting. If the book is boring, you will not be as motivated.
  • Add fun! Make jokes in your report, or say something funny!
  • If you are nervous, take deep breaths before you perform. Try not to look scared. If you can, go first to get it over with.

With these tips, it is guaranteed that your book report is going to be the best one in your class!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Today I woke up precisely at 8:28 AM. Maya was still sleeping, which was a relief, because I didn't have to listen to her constant chatter or her continuous questions about where her clothes was. After eating a heavy meal of pancakes with syrup and finishing my reading homework, Maya woke up at 9:48 AM.

We just finished a short skirmish about the deadline of a contest. It was settled when I walked away to write this.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


From the black veil of darkness
A white moon, like a ghost amidst the blackness…
Gray lining on the heavy clouds
White shining upon the ground…..
Wind passing through……
A breeze ruffles the soft air
With a whisper the trees sway ……
Swishing and slipping
Between the thin branches
Of the tall trees standing proudly……
Down at the small pond
Shining silver on the water…..
With a splash-
Swans, three in all
White soft feathers and sharp black beaks
Appear and disappear……
Nothing left but the ripples, circling
Like a swirl of something unknown
Getting farther and farther……
Rippling water
With a sigh
All trace disappears…….
From among the dark trees of the forest
A hidden guitar plays …..
Spinning the music out of the air
Like a delicate golden thread
Through the night…..