Monday, July 26, 2010

Tell Me a Secret Book Release Party Recap

On Saturday night, my mom and I headed to Trinity Nightclub in Seattle for Holly Cupala's Tell Me a Secret booklaunch party! The venue was great and the party was a lot of fun.

We chatted with Katherine Grace Bond for a while...

caught up with Janet Lee Carey (who was incredibly nice and also introduced us to some other people)...

and quickly snapped a few pictures with readergirlz divas Justina Chen Headley and Dia Calhoun as well:

Holly talked about her book, previewed the book trailer, read an excerpt, and also made a very exciting announcement:

I finally got a chance to talk to Holly and get my copy of the book signed:

Afterwards, I gorged on all the delicious desserts there while Janet and my mom commiserated about the woes of driving in Seattle. (Really, it's like a maze there... full of one-way streets and crowded intersections and questionable parking garages...)

Anyways, the party was a lot of fun!


Holly said...

you have gorgeous locks, miss priya.

also, dia calhoun, lucky!

Erin said...

ohhh I miss all of these ladies so very much. thanks for posting the pictures, Priya. :)

Sherry said...

So exciting you could be there. Thanks for your post/photos, Priya.