Wednesday, April 07, 2010

NaPoWriMo #7


I wanted to write about
cellos and amber lights,
of purple skies
and starry nights.

But nothing seemed to work,
and the poem got worse and worse.
So I just had to settle
for this absolutely boring verse.

No inspiration today :-(

Note: I will be gone for a business competition for the next three days, so you won't see my poems. However, I'll still keep writing them, and I guess I'll post up 4 poems on Sunday. You can look for a scheduled post coming up, though!


Nonie said...

Business competition?! May I ask what you're doing? :D

Priya said...

I'm going for the FBLA state competition:

Nonie said...

Oohh...that sounds really cool! Good luck! ;)