Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dragon Slippers

by Jessica Day George

Dragon Slippers is the story of a girl named Creel who was "sacrificed" to a dragon in hopes that a knight would come and save her. Creel escapes the dragon with a pair of beautiful blue slippers and heads off to the King's Seat to find a job at an embroidery shop. Along the way, she starts to realize that the slippers might be more...magical than she realized, but nothing prepares her for the dangerous adventure that the shoes bring.

I would give this book five stars. It was like a perfect fairytale to me- suspenseful, magical, fun, and, well, dragons! Need I say more? All of the characters were well-thought out, from their dialogue to their physical descriptions, while the story itself seemed to weave together plots from other stories while maintaining its originality. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy and a good read.

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