Saturday, January 03, 2009


I ponder why no one will play with me
While under the needles of an evergreen tree
As I watch a maple leaf furl and unfurl
I realize I’m the most boring frog in the world.

Father is too busy hunting for flies
Mother is always baking apple pies
Sister is searching for jewels in the bog
Brother is going out for a nice long jog

My aunt spends her time growing our tomatoes
And making salads with those horrid potatoes
My uncle owns the grocery store
He doesn’t want to have fun anymore

The Professor- well, he never comes out to play
Until the summer solstice for his solar display
The Poet is hidden away near the stream
Where she can write her poems, think, and dream

None of them have time to be with me
They’re all a part of the Frog Potpourri
And besides, since they’re all so clever
They probably know I’m the most boring frog ever.

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Maya Ganesan said...

Ha! That's cute.