Thursday, July 16, 2009

Twilight taken to a WHOLE new level

You are not going to believe this:

Twilight is going to become a graphic novel.

Yes, you did read that right. Twilight, in pictures. The art is going to be done by Young Kim.
(Maybe it'll appease all the Edward fans. Or maybe not. Take a look at a sample.)

Edward is sweating. Yes, perfect, cold, marblelike Edward is sweating. Or it might be an attempt at sparkling (or spitting?), but whatever it is, it's not working. Honestly, Bella looks more like she's sparkling than Eddie does.

Re: the clothes, Bella looks like she's going for a business conference or something. Does anyone wear ruffly blouses on a regular basis? Plus, Eddie's shirt looks all crumpled (gasp!). And what's that machine thing pointing at them? I can't tell what it is.

First the books had to be published, then movies, then a ton of random merchandise, and now this?

Thanks to Little Willow for posting this up at readergirlz.


maya ganesan said...

Aw, Edward is so ugly that it's pleasing. :) Take that!

robin_titan said...

for shame

Bookworm said...

Oh dear.

Arya said...

Haha! He looks more like he's shivering to me. Probably because of all that pent up emotion. lol But everyone knows Bella doesn't look like that! She looks like she's already been turned into a vamp.

Milly said...

Wow, graphic novel Edward looks even wrose than movie Edward.