Monday, February 16, 2009

You'll have to see what Maya just found...

Borders has an exclusive Twilight shop. Very sad. I don't think they've even done this for Harry Potter.

Yet, it's kind of entertaining. I mean, seriously, Edward Cullen action figures? For $20. And here's the description:

Lifelike 7" action figure of Edward Cullen with jointed body.

Sure. Very lifelike, seeing how he's not even real in the first place. Unless they're modeling the figure off of Robert Pattinson. *shudder* And jointed body? *rips Edward action figure's parts apart and throws them on the floor* What's the use of a bunch of plastic arms and legs?

And there are keychains with the "Cullen crest" on them, magnets and stickers (for lockers and "gorgeous" decoration), lion and lamb keychains, messenger bags, Twilight pens--

Now the pens are funny too. Their description says:

Twilight inspires your musings with movie art featured on the cap and body of the pen.

Hmmm...What if you're doing your math homework with the pen? Or what if you're drawing with it? Would you draw vampires only? And even if you're just writing, it would be horrible to only write Twilight-related things.

All, right, I'm done ranting (almost). I just wanted to say one more thing--Borders is biased. Their description of Edward's movie poster "features official (smoldering) photo of Edward." What about all those Jacob fans out there? There is no "smoldering" in front of Jacob's description. Well, I guess, maybe he isn't, but still. Don't keep praising Edward.

What do you all think of this?


Bookworm said...

Priya I think that you think this is all unappealing because you don't like the Twilight Saga.

madison said...

Yeah, it's a little much to walk into Borders and have this table of Twilight merchandise when yeah, it never seemed that bad for Harry Potter which was so much bigger. It probably still is, except since it's over, you don't hear as much about it.

(But I'm like totally against commercialization, so I'd have a problem with this even if it were for a book I liked or loved.)

re Edward and Jacob: Um...did you see that bad wig they him in? No way he is smoldering compared to RPattz in sunglasses. *melts* Oh my gosh. It's worth seeing the movie just for that.

(The above comment was mine; I found a typo.)

Katie said...


I never will read the Twilight saga, nor will I participate in anything to do with it. Ugh....

Priya said...

Bookworm- I suppose that's true, I did read Twilight and absolutely hated it. But don't you think they're going a little too far?

Madison- My local bookstore has FOUR Twilight stands scattered around the two levels, each teeming with tons of Twilight junk. And it's horrible hearing those little girls squealing when they come across Edward t-shirts and such. And I do agree with you about Edward vs. Jacob. But have you heard Robert Pattinson sing? "Never Think" was so funny it made me cry.

Katie- High five!

H said...

I've never read any of the Twilight series and I don't think I will now just out of stuborness because it's so popular. That's why I didn't read Harry Potter either (I know: gasp) It's just that there are so many great books there that aren't being raved about and deserve it much more(Hunger Games!!!)
Although I think Harry Potter was promoted much more than Twilight is being now.

Priya said...

H- I do also believe that there are great books out there that need more attention (such as the Hunger Games).

I don't think that they used to sell movie posters of all the Harry Potter characters. Or "Harry and Dumbledore" keychains. Or maybe it's just me.

madison said...

Our Borders is just one side of a table. (The other side is other vampire books.) Thank goodness.

Nope, never heard RPattz sing.

Actually The Hunger Games has been pretty well-promoted. It's just that you never hear about popular YA books that aren't as big as Twilight.

They probably have Harry Potter posters and key chains and stuff, but I've never seen that stuff at Borders.

Q said...