Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Missing Socks

Edge has challenged everyone with a fun writing prompt:

What happens to all the socks that go missing between the washer and the drier?

Here's my response:

The fairies take them.

There are several reasons why they do this. First of all, although the fairies are a highly capable species and can fly up to 700 mph, they don’t know how to make socks. So they take the missing socks and cut and reshape them to create their own miniature fairy socks. They’ve actually opened up seven sock factories around their realm, and all the workers get clothespins for their noses.

Secondly, the fairies love snow. They love to look at it, they love playing in it, and they love basically anything to do with snow. Unfortunately for them, they do not get snow. They get sun, rain, sleet, and sometimes hail or freezing rain, but never snow. So, one day, an ingenious fairy had the idea to manufacture her own snow. Taking the dirty white socks she found between the washer and the drier, she filled them with water and then put them in the freezer for a few days. When she took them out, they were frozen solid and looked exactly like snow. Of course they didn’t feel like snow, but she was still relatively happy with the way her experiment had turned out. She spread the word about the “snow” and opened up eight snow factories in order to spread the joy. All the workers wear Santa hats with jingling bells.

So next time your dirty white socks go missing, don’t bother searching for them. They’re going to a good cause (you do want money under your pillow, right?).

Teehee. I had fun writing that. And if you want to do it too, you still have time! More details here.


Milly said...

Haha *laughs*! That's funny! Next time, I promise not to go searching for my white socks.

Bookgirl said...

Nice, Priya!

Beth Kephart said...

This is hysterical. Got it. Now I need to tell my son, the sock loser.

Jen said...

Cute, I always thought the cats got them ^_^

Calexis said...

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