Thursday, June 11, 2009

buttercups in the grass

Today's cup of happiness:

- My fuzzy orange pencil. No, it's not mold. It just has a velvety cover instead of a filmy plastic one. It makes me want to do my homework.

- School's out in a week!

- Flashlights. For my Humanities final, four of my friends and I are performing a five-part poem with coordinated flashlight movements. It's going to be terrific (if I can just memorize my lines...)

- This song. If you go to the part at the beginning where she's standing in front of the mirror in different outfits, look at what she does in the emo getup during "I'm on the bleachers." It's very fun to imitate.

- Strawberry ice cream. With real strawberry chunks in it.

- Three lovely books from the library. My Sister's Keeper, Same Difference, and Something Maybe. Which one should I read first?? Gratefully accepting any suggestions on this matter.


Liviania said...

Performing a poem to flashlights sounds pure awesome.

Beth Kephart said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE strawberry ice cream with strawberry chunks.

Do you also like the peach?

Priya said...

Liviania- it is! We started rehearsing today.

Beth- I've never tried peach ice cream, although it sounds delicious! Have you ever tried banana ice cream? (It's heavenly.)

Milly said...

Cool! Last year for our class dance presentation, one group did a poem with flashlights too!
Strawberry ice cream sound great! I want some now.

Maya Ganesan said...

MY SISTER'S KEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care whether you read the other books -- READ THIS ONE!

cuileann said...

Strawberry ice cream is so wonderful. I had some with peanut butter cups at Cold Stone in AZ - YUM. [It sounds odd, but it works because pb&j works.]