Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Peek Inside my Desk

I have been tagged by Q.

I decided to change things up a little (mostly because there is nothing of importance in both my bag and my backpack). So I'm going to take y'all on a tour of one of my desk drawers. There will be no picture (because I didn't feel like taking one), but I'll try and make everything as descriptive as possible.

Random Bags
Silver, black, white, navy blue, sparkles, polka dots, etc. I don't even know where I got some of them from.
iPod Song Downloading Cord
for my wonderful iPod, which is big and white (first edition)
Pencil Boxes
Two pink Hello Kitty ones and one green Spacemaker one.
Art Supplies
Crayons, markers, colored pencils. And also Erasable Markers. Those are very cool. They erase pretty well, except the colors are really faded out and light.
Magic "Invisible" Cards
For magic tricks. The catch is that almost all the cards have a blank side. So that somehow helps with the tricks. (I never managed to pull them off.)
Juggling Balls
Another lost cause. There are three soft balls with triangular patterns. Each one is red, green, and yellow. I cannot throw more than two at a time.
A Gray Box with a Transparent Lid
This box contains several important things: tons of stickers, small pieces of paper that I wanted to keep, random pieces of junk, a bell that I got from my sister that was supposedly from The Polar Express, etc.
A Goody Bag filled with Ribbons
Courtesy of Borders Bookstore. The ribbons are shiny and silver and red.

I tag anyone who wants to do this. If you do, then post the link in the comments--I want to see all of your posts! (If you do them, of course.)

Also, I want to thank Beth for this. It made me VERY happy. :)


Q said...

You are more interesting than I am. :)

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Lenore said...

Yikes - my desk drawer is a big mess. Don't want anyone knowing what's in there!