Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins

Basic Plot:

24 teenagers are thrown into a giant arena where they get to fight each other to the death for several days.

What I Thought of It:

I personally found The Hunger Games to be intriguing, suspenseful, mildly satirical, and very entertaining. The book was an interesting way to portray Darwin's survival-of-the-fittest theory (at least for me) in a complete dystopia. Some parts were funny, some were sad--it was a very nice mix. I've never read anything else like The Hunger Games, and I'm looking forward to Catching Fire.

Sorry for the short review--I'm not really in a reviewing mood right now. I do have one question for everyone who reads my blog: do you think I should add ratings on my book reviews (ie. one star, two stars, three stars, etc.) ?


Katie said...

Yes, Priya! Do add ratings!


Q said...

I don't add ratings to my book reviews, because if I wasn't all that flipped on a book, I don't review it. I have to like and recommend the book first, then I post a review.

But, yes. I really really loved this one.

Erin said...

For some reason I never thought of Darwin's survival of the fittest theories in regards to this book...but you're right! That's fascinating!

Also, I prefer no ratings because I like the reviewer's thoughts to speak for themselves. Just my personal opinion... :)

H said...

I think for the Hunger Games you should add a thousand stars :)

Jen said...

Lovely review ^_^

Maya Ganesan said...

Yes, I think you should add ratings. It help sum up the review and it's just like a final "okay, these are my thoughts, this is just kind of like an overall generalization about it" thing.