Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin Rap

This is hilarious- you should watch it!


Priya said...

Thanks to


Anonymous said...

Hi Priya!
I love the SNL rap! Have you seen the other Sarah Palin SNL jokes? They might be something fun to add to your blog!

P.S. - Your blog is so cool!!!

Mandy! said...

Priyyaaa! hi.:D
I haven't watched the rap yet, but you need to watch the "how to be a ganster" videos! I are send you links. Muahahaha bad grammar :p


Priya said...

Thanks for posting, you guys!!!

Smrithi- No, can you send me links if you know of any?

Mandy- Where did you send me the links???

Katie said...

That is awesome Priya! I really love your blog!


Priya said...

Thank you!!! You are all wonderful people, and Katie, I love your blog too!

Emily Ruth said...

hey I found your blog from a comment on miss erin's...
but I just wanted to say this is awesome :) haha

Priya said...

Hi Emily Ruth! I saw your comment on Miss Erin's blog and I wanted to say that I love getting comments from new people on my blog! Whenever I see comments, I get very excited.