Thursday, October 30, 2008

Haunting Halloween Tales From School

Well, maybe they weren't so haunting, but they were certainly festive. Since I have no school tomorrow on Halloween (teacher training day!), we had "Wear Your Halloween Costume to School Day" today. I was a witch as usual- I'll try to post up some pictures later. There were also several other witches, not to mention an abundance of pirates, fairies, and some rather original costumes. There were farmers and gangsters and weird vampire people and much much more. There were two people wearing McCain Obama masks though. I thought that was slightly odd because most of the people at my school support Obama, until I found out that no one liked the Obama mask because it had huge beaver teeth (or so I heard). The McCain masks caused a bit of trouble as everyone wanted to try them out (apparently they smelled horrible on the inside), and the teachers took to banning the masks from being worn. My art teacher "confiscated" the McCain mask and put it on herself- she looked hilarious!

There was also someone who was wearing a mask of a very old man with tons of white hair sprouting from his ears. No one knew what the costume really was. And the boy refused to talk- it was part of his costume. Go figure.


Maya Ganesan said...

Haha - sounds like it was a pot of bubbling fun!

Mandy said...

ahahaha i have that pic of mrs. comeau. noo i forgot to take a picture of david! lol, that was a very confusing day. i'm actually not sure it was an old man...more like...two white globes of different sizes on this melted rubber thing with white stuff coming out. :D