Sunday, September 28, 2008

Warriors Book Signing

On September 13th, there was a Warriors booksigning at Borders Bookstore in Redmond, Washington. Over 600 people came to Borders to see the author of the popular bestselling Warriors series, who had just come out with the next book in the series, Eclipse.

The signing started out with the reading of a short excerpt from the book. Then, there was a question and answer session- in which I got my question answered!!!! Finally was the signing.

My sister and were forced to wait for approximately three hours to get our books signed. We spent the time wistfully watching others getting their books signed and trying to get good pictures of the author, Victoria Holmes.

Finally, finally, it was our turn. We got all six of the Warriors books we own signed, and I got to talk to Vicky and ask her a few questions...such as, "When will [my least favorite character] die?" and so on.

The above picture is of me, Vicky, and my sister (left to right). I think we were really lucky to be able to see her and get our books signed when she was just ten minutes away!

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Maya Ganesan said...

That was a load of fun. I still can't believe it was actually her. It was great fun!