Sunday, September 28, 2008

Johnny Jim Blue

Have you ever heard of Johnny Jim Blue
Who lived down in Hillbilly Town?
He always went around with a smile on his face
And his hair was very, very brown.

One day as he was leaping through the woods
Two bluebirds on his head
He stumbled upon something on the ground
A teensy weensy piece of bread.

Now Johnny Jim Blue wasn’t one for wasting
And this bread looked very, very new
He picked up the bread, wiped it off
And gave it to the birds to chew.

The birds carefully examined the bread
Then decided to try it out
Their bodies started shrinking, their feathers turned green
And they turned into two alfalfa sprouts!

Johnny Jim Blue went screaming down to Hillbilly Town
Tearing his hair out the whole way
And all the Hillbillians came running out of their houses
To see if everything was OK.

Soon everyone had heard of Johnny Jim Blue
Who lives down in Hillbilly Town
He now goes around with a frown on his face
For he wears an alfalfa crown.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Dear Priya,

A wonderful poem! Keep on writing!