Wednesday, September 10, 2008

School Camp

During September 3rd to the 5th, I was away at school camp. The camp was in a learning center somewhere in the mountains, so we had several great views of the surrounding scenery both at camp and during the drive to and from camp.

Although I have to admit that the conditions of the cabins, bathrooms, and facilities at camp were not the greatest- in fact, they were horrible (the toilets didn't have locks so you had to have someone guard the door for you so it wouldn't swing open, and the bathroom stalls themselves were quite dark inside)- many of the activities at camp were not bad. There was a campfire the first night with lots of singing and skits performed by students, and as we were walking back to the cabins, we could see millions of stars in the night sky- more than I ever saw in the city. There were "Water Olympics," which consisted of a few games such as water-balloon-throwing and dodging wet sponges. I, unfortunately, was hit somewhere around the shoulder with a water-balloon. On the last day of camp, there was a scavenger-hunt-complete-the-activity-and-get-a-ticket game. Basically, you and your cabin group had a series of clues that would lead you to different areas around camp. At each area, you had to complete an activity within five minutes. Everytime you completed an activity, your team recieved a ticket. The team with the most tickets at the end won. My team tied for second place with two other teams, I believe.

The most memorable moments of camp for me were few and far between, but they were memorable all the same. One night at dinner, one of the counselors stabbed a big black fly buzzing around the table right through the middle with his knife. And the morning of September 5th, our group made our breakfast cleanup duty fun by running around with brooms and mops, pointing all the dirty spots out to the moppers, get the picture. Not to mention a superbly annoying clapping-and-dancing-and-singing pony song that made my life least for three days.

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