Saturday, June 26, 2010

Only the Good Spy Young

by Ally Carter

After fighting against a terrorist organization a couple months ago, Cammie Morgan is now constantly in danger, and she doesn't know who to trust. Furthermore, shocking secrets are popping up about her most trusted allies and friends, and Cammie is forced to search for answers.

Only the Good Spy Young is the fourth book in the Gallagher Girls series, and although it was good, it definitely wasn't my favorite. I felt like there was a lot of suspense and tension, but nothing much really happened in the end. There were some shocking revelations, but I feel like those twists were the only things that moved the story along, and in the end, I was quite disappointed. I would suggest that you read it, but I wouldn't expect something amazing. (Or I don't know. You might really like it. According to Goodreads, most people are enjoying it.)

This book will be released June 29th, 2010.
(Review copy provided by publisher.)


Nonie said...

Hmm...I've been looking forward to this since last summer. I hope it's worth the wait. :/

Bookworm said...

Can't wait for this book to come out.