Friday, May 14, 2010


you said, i don't know if we will come back here

so i tossed a penny
backwards into the clear turquoise water and
watched as it sank down to the treasure below

and the sun shined down on the
detailed marble statues,
reflecting off all the
sunken pennies.

We tried ice-cold gelato in
new flavors
(banana and pistachio for me)
and sat on the steps of the marketplace,
watching the merchants
wheeling their carts through the crowd.

At night the fountain glowed with
gold and silver lights, and we
strolled down crooked cobblestoned alleys

fingering rich scarves and smelling the
starlight on the wind

p.s. (i never got to taste true italian pizza, but i
heard it was good.)

(Poetry Friday roundup here.)

* This picture was taken at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Legend says that if you toss one penny backwards over your left shoulder (with your right hand) into the fountain, you will return back to Italy.


Julia said...

Ah, Rome. When did you go?

Priya said...

About 3 years ago, on a European tour.

Milli said...

Yummm, gelato:D Rome sounds amazing!

Nonie said...

The fountain is beautiful. :) And so is your poem. It makes me feel like I'm in Rome, sitting near the fountain, throwing pennies in.

Erin said...

One of my favorite poems of yours. Just lovely.

Edge said...

Hands-down my favorite poem of yours thus far. I was *in* Rome for a moment :)

geekspawn said...

Oh, this is BEAUTIFUL, Priya.

laurasalas said...

This is lovely--I especially like the image of the sun reaching into the water and reflecting off sunken pennies. And the details, like the gelato flavors. Terrific!