Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Cinderella Society

by Kay Cassidy

As an "outsider", sixteen-year-old Jess Parker has mostly felt invisible and ignored by everyone else (except for her enemy, who never wastes an opportunity to snipe at Jess). When Jess gets a mysterious invitation to join The Cinderella Society, a secret sisterhood basically based on girl empowerment and protecting people from bullies, she feels like she's finally fitting in someplace. But as Jess begins to explore her true potential as well as the people around her, she's filled with doubts and questions. Did she really make the right decision by joining the society, and will she manage to live up to everyone else's expectations?

There were some things that I really liked about The Cinderella Society, and then there were some things I didn't like. I liked the idea of the society, and I loved the idea of girl power and accomplishing great things as a part of the female gender. I also enjoyed seeing how Jess was impacted by the society and the changes in her personal and social life. Overall, I thought that the story plot was pretty good as well.

However, I thought that the book was lacking in many areas. Many pages were taken up explaining all the little details of the society, which was kind of boring and made the story drag. I would also have liked to see the characters developed a little more, because they seemed a little flat and surface-level. I think my main problem, though, was that The Cinderella Society was hard to believe. The idea of a society which competed against another society of bullies in order to protect victims of bullying and empower regular students was sort of unbelievable and cheesy, and I think that's what brought down this potentially great book.

In conclusion, The Cinderella Society is a fun and fluffy book that I would recommend, but I wouldn't go into it expecting something amazing.


Liviania said...

I still need to finish this one. It moved too slowly for me and I got distracted.

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The Cinderella Society is a group of strong women that have fought the battle of good vs. evil for centuries. Personally, I wish I could join a group like the Cindy's. Kay Cassidy has put a new spin on a classic tale, where good can prevail over evil. I can not wait for the next book in this powerful series.