Monday, December 14, 2009

Kidz Book Buzz Blog Tour: Just Grace and the Snack Attack

by Charise Mericle Harper

Just Grace and the Snack Attack is a short, fun book about the ever-interesting life of a third grader named Grace. When conflict arises in the lunchroom over exotic and strange food, Grace's class is required to do a unit on food from around the world in order to solve the problem. Grace decides to learn about unusual potato chip flavors as part of her project.

As short side stories, Grace gets jealous of her best friend, makes a "zine," and more.

This book is the fifth one in the Just Grace series. Even though I haven't read the first four, I had no problem following the storyline and keeping track of characters. The writing was simplistic, but great for younger children. I loved how there was some sarcasm and "oblivion" weaved into the writing - younger readers probably wouldn't catch it, but it really added to Grace's character and narration.

There were tons of sketches throughout the book as well... perfect for reluctant readers. They also helped explain some of the more vague aspects of the story.

Overall, something that elementary students will definitely enjoy. (This book is targeted towards kids around 9-12 years old, but in my opinion, it would be more enjoyable for those in the 7-9 range.) And despite the reading level, older readers will also get a kick out of this!

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sally apokedak said...

Thanks, Priya. Great review. I agree completely on your guess for the age of the audience for this book.

Amydeanne said...

i agree with the lower age range!

Milli said...

Great review! I agree about the lower age range

Julie said...

Sounds like a cute book! I'm not familiar with the Just Grace series, but I'll keep it in mind next time I'm looking for books for elementary students.

Beth Kephart said...

Do I want to know about where the chip flavors come from?

Will it, um, changing my eating habits?

Priya said...

Well, here are all the chip flavors mentioned, as far as I know:

Salt and pepper
Sour cream and onion
Salt and vinegar
Island jerk
Sweet chili
Red pepper
Chesapeake Bay beer
Pesto and smoked mozzerella
Buffalo bleu
Blue cheese
Garlic mashed

I want to throw up just reading some of these. :)