Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Maya!

thank you so much for being so hilarious every day,
listening to my silly school stories all the time (and adding your own stories in),
patiently bearing with my frequent bookish rants,
keeping me updated about everything on Twitter and in the internet world,
bringing me snacks and milk and water when I'm too lazy to do it myself,
coming up with random games for us to play to pass the time,
and just for being an awesome sister.
Happy birthday.
12 is that lovely age when you can
slouch down in restaurants and pretend to be
11 so you can get the child entrees,
get first-hand experiences of all the
drama and fun in middle school,
travel everywhere and actually understand
what you're seeing for once :-)
and much much more--
I hope you enjoy every single second of it.

(Please go over to Maya's blog and wish her a very happy birthday!)


Maya Ganesan said...

I started crying while reading this. I thought you didn't like me! I love you. :)

cuileann said...

I luff the line about pretending to be eleven, I luff this picture, I luff you two together.

Kiki said...

haha, I used to do that at restaurants too.
It's such a sweet poem (poem?) I wish my brother would write me stuff like that.

Priya said...

Kiki, I'm not sure! :P Call it whatever you want.

Beth Kephart said...

very very cute! I think I want to be 12 again and get the child-sized entrees.