Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Baskets

I apologize for not writing sooner; I have been a bit busy.

Here's a poem I wrote recently. I sat down and just started writing it with no sense of idea in my head- I let the poem carry me and look how it has turned out!

I sat upon a rocking chair
With two baskets at my feet
One was overflowing and full of mess;
The other one was quite neat.

The messy one was painted red
The neat one painted blue
The first one was covered with tape all over
The second with homemade glue.

I picked up the first basket
I undid the red tape
What did I find inside?
One rotten, sour grape.

I threw the grape into the fire
Dropped the red basket on the floor
But suddenly through the night I heard
A frantic knock at the door.

A tall wizard came in
He said, “I’m looking for a grape.”
“I believe it was in a basket-
All covered with red tape.”

“I’m afraid I threw it in the fire,” I said
“Just before you came.”
“But you can have the blue basket-
I daresay they’re quite the same.”

The wizard glanced at the blue basket in doubt
For it appears to be nothing like the red
He looked at me, I looked at him
And told him to go ahead.

He picked up the blue basket
He scraped off the homemade glue
Then he peered inside and gasped in wonder
For what I said was quite true.

He clasped the basket to his chest
And did a little twirl in joy
Because inside the neat blue basket were
Two rotten, sour grapes to enjoy.


Katie said...


Wow. You are an excellent poet. Interesting you it just came to you. That hapens to me all of the time. I'll just be doing something, and then, all of a sudden, I'll have a whole poem formed in my mind. Last night, I just was watching the Olympics, and I wrote four poems!
I would like to thank you for the comments you put on my blog. Write more often on your blog, Priya! I love your poems and all of your writing!



Maya Ganesan said...


I read "The Baskets" before, as you know, and I thought it was slightly humorous.

Please post some more, but I want to read something other than poems!