Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Just dropping a little reminder that all articles, writing, etc. on this blog are my own work and copyrighted.


Maya Ganesan said...


I think you should post more often; I think we are all looking forward to seeing some more of your wonderful writing and posting on this blog!


Katie said...


What have you done recently, that you could put on your blog?


Priya said...

Maya- I've been a bit busy so I wasn't able to post. I'll try to blog more often now.

Katie- Since it's the summer, I actually have been relaxing more than writing! However, during the school year, I usually post a few of my creative writing papers.Look in the February 2008 Archive for the post titled "Short Story." You can also look in the January 2008 Archive for the post titled "Description of a Worn-Out Shoe." Both of those essays are from school.