Thursday, September 14, 2006

Unfair Teachers

Today I have had more than two hours of homework, and I'm still not done with it! Why is this?

Teachers ALWAYS say that they are not giving much homework- if a child would equally spread out the load each day, homework should take only about one hour. They say that children should have a break- play from 4-5:30, and then start their homework. Do they not know that kids have after-school activities, or school duties like safety patrol? They have loaded so much homework on me this week that I have not been sleeping before 10:00 PM, and I also have patrols in the morning. Isn't this unfair and unjust? I think kids should have a say in their homework- less homework, less expectations, and NO book reports! If you don't do at least a small bit of those nasty reports every day, I guarantee you that you will be staying up the night before it is due and cramming the whole thing into a short period of time. So if you are having similar problems like this, please make a comment and give me feedback. This is important!

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