Saturday, September 09, 2006


Dear Journal:
Today has been okay so far. Even though I woke up really late and went to Maya's room to find her at her desk, I've accomplished many things.
  • Practiced piano
  • Finished all my homework except for my annoying, boring, tiresome, useless, and irritating book report due the coming Friday and an "All About Me" topic sheet.
  • Cleaned up my room- took the papers off my desk, arranged everything neatly, put junk into drawers, put dirty clothes into hamper and clean ones back into the closet...

After a delicious lunch, AND after watching Roddick beat some Yoghzenky guy or something like that in the US Open, I have finally reached my final destination after a lengthy, life-threatening, risky journey down the stairs to the computer to write down today's events, even though I am aware that Maya may have placed some sneaky spies around here. If I am not captured by the mighty Maya by the end of the day, I will write once more at night to conclude the interesting events of today.

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funnygrape said...

It's not Youghzensky. It's Youghzny.