Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Butt Book

by Artie Bennett, illustrated by Mike Lester

The Butt Book is a fun, cute picture book for little kids... all about butts. Funny without being crude or inappropriate, this book uses colorful pictures and great rhymes to entice young readers, for example:

Patches found on baboon rumps
help them when they sit on stumps.

On their butts, skunks have a gland
that sprays a stink no one can stand.

So it's educational as well as entertaining! I also learned a few new synonyms that I never knew before. :)

I can see how this irresistible book would encourage reluctant young readers to pick up books and read more. However much we deny it, this is the type of stuff that little kids love and find hilarious, and if it results in more books in their hands, awesome! I would definitely recommend this to younger children, and even teens and adults will probably get a kick out of it.

(pdf provided by author)


Apoorva Chowdhary said...

Oh that book sounds awesome! Hehe. :)

Verenda Harrt said...

I love those kinds of books, I would have it where I can clearly see it on my bookshelf.