Friday, December 10, 2010

elapsed moon

I wrote these two poems a few weeks ago. The first one was written when the moon was just rising, blurry and yellowy, and the second one was written about an hour later, when the moon was much higher in the sky and clear and white. Enjoy! :)

the sky holds its breath
in anticipation of the coming snow,
tonight's stage prepared:
frosty cold air stagnant and muffling
while northern winds dance, frenzied,
among the upcoming performers

the moon a blurred pastel smudge
the color of yellow diamonds,
edges gray and foggy.

moon of purest white,
like a diamond inlaid in a
stone of cold winds and
clouds of indigo blue.
all hardened edges and
rims of amber gold,
light reaching to all four
corners of the sky.

the night quietly waits,
and below, the cries
of a child and the
slamming of car doors
sound oddly out of place.


Apoorva Chowdhary said...

Wow Priya, these poems are really lovely.

Holly said...

I like the picture of the moon in the wind as a diamond in an inlay.

Milli said...

Really awesome poems, Priya! I liked the verse about the yellow diamonds:)