Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Dragons of Noor

by Janet Lee Carey

The old and ancient trees of Noor are dying, and the worlds of Noor and Oth are slowly tearing apart. Magic has started to disappear from Noor, and a mysterious and fierce wind has been picking up young children and carrying them away. Miles, his sister Hanna, and his friend Taunier, determined to find out what's going on and save Noor and Oth, travel to the forests of Jarrosh. There, they find the exiled dragons, who aid them in their quest to preserve the trees and "break beyond the boundaries of self to discover the ancient magic joining all to all."

The Dragons of Noor was one of the best books I've read this year. What I love about Janet Lee Carey's writing, and this series in particular, are the imaginative and fantastical worlds that the reader is introduced to. In this book, we get to see more of Noor and Oth as well as explore the ancient history between the two. The scenes are so magically and culturally rich, with original creatures and foreign words, songs, and customs.

The characters really developed a lot in this book as well. The dragons were amazing and so much fun to read about! I also enjoyed learning more about Miles, Hanna, and Taunier, especially the hidden powers they possess. I never found any of the characters annoying or unlikeable at all.

Janet is an absolute genius for coming up with such lovely ideas! The Dragons of Noor is such a unique and pleasurable read, and I strongly encourage everyone to run to the bookstore and get a copy NOW.

P.S. And that is one of the best covers I've seen so far. :-)

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Shweta Narayan said...

This books sounds great; thanks for the recommendation!

I'm curious (and haven't read more than a few pages back) -- do you like Kristin Cashore's Graceling and Fire? I was pretty taken with the way she turns cliches on their heads and makes something new with them.

Also... um, hi! I am some sort of cousin of yours (2nd? Our mothers are cousins, but the terminology always escapes me). Turns out we have a few things in common -- love of YA, fantasy, and writing stories & poems, at the very least. Also Megan Turner love :)

I... think we might have met when you and Maya were tiny kids; not sure. Amusingly, if we did, it was at the home of my other cousin who is a Megan Turner fan.