Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mackenzie Blue: Friends Forever?

by Tina Wells

In the third installment of the Mackenzie Blue series, Zee and her friends are off for their school's annual camping field trip, where they have to spend a week in the wilderness. Zee is super excited when her best friend from Paris, Ally, joins the trip while visiting. But things aren't going as smoothly as Zee hoped for - her friends are acting weird, a mysterious Mountain Man is prowling around their cabins at night, and more!

Mackenzie Blue: Friends Forever? was certainly as cute as its predecessors, but it wasn't my favorite. Zee definitely grows a lot in this book, and it was interesting to see her relationships with her friends change, but some of the situations were just too unrealistic and shallow for me to sympathize and relate with. However, it was still an entertaining read that elementary and middle school kids are sure to enjoy!

P.S. Yesterday was my sister Maya's 13th birthday. She wasn't feeling well and had a nasty fever, so she didn't have a very good birthday. If you could please head over to her blog and leave a birthday greeting or comment, that would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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Apoorva Chowdhary said...

Okay I will comment on Maya's blog.I know how that feels one time I had stomach flu on my birthday.