Friday, January 29, 2010

Miss Sprite and her Dictionary

I wrote this poem a loooong time ago and just found it yesterday. The ending is a little weird, but I just left it the way it was. Enjoy! :-)

Everyone has tried to read the dictionary
At least once or twice or thrice
But you got stuck on the A’s or B’s or C’s
Probably page two, to be precise.

Now, behold! the amazing wonder of the world
The darling little Miss Sprite
She’s read the dictionary from cover to cover
And learned all the words in sight.

You can ask her the definition of an “agglomeration”
Or what “intemperate” means
She’ll shout out the answer in a second or two
Even faster than machines.

But one day she came upon a man who said,
“I don’t mean to cause any strife!
“But oh, Miss Sprite, if I am not mistaken,
“You do not know the meaning of life.”

Miss Sprite was very vexed, and went on to reply,
“Of course I know the meaning of life!
“It’s the time from a birth to a death on Earth
“Where life is very rife.”

The man shook his head and said angrily,
“I’m afraid that you’re not right.
“But since you thought that you knew it all,
“I think I’ll take my leave for tonight.”

Miss Sprite ran after the man, crying as she went,
“Mister, please do come back and tell
“I really want to know the meaning of life
“I’m sure it’ll be quite swell.”

But the man did not look back at Miss Sprite at all
And he hurried on his way
Muttering, “Alas! if only Miss Sprite had listened,
“She would’ve known that the meaning of life is today.”


Nonie said...

I love the fourth and seventh stanza. They made me smile. :D

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

I love this, Priya! I used to read the dictionary when I was young, so this made me think of those days. (And I kind of like the "weird" ending. :)

Bookgirl (Katie) said...

Hey Priya,

I love that poem!


Milli said...

This is such a good poem, Priya. It really made my day:]

Edge said...

Love this! :D It's so amusing, and has such a great point too! :D

Inkgirl~ said...

Priya, I love this. Especially the last paragraph.