Monday, November 30, 2009

113 Things to do by 13

by Brittany MacLeod (with a little help from her mom, Terri MacLeod)

113 Things to do by 13 is a short, fun book about 113 things that young teenagers should do before they turn 13. (To be honest, I haven't done several of them.) This colorful, eye-catching book covers a large variety of topics, from self-esteem and makeup to bullying, going green, food fights, and more.

I really enjoyed reading this, and had a blast looking through all the pictures. There are lots of tips from celebrities and "experts" on different matters: for example, Taylor Swift talks about goals and dreams while Matt Lauer (from the Today Show) discusses his favorite vacation spots.

This book is quite inspiring as well - after reading #96 (Floss your teeth.), I think I'm going to do that tonight. :-) 113 Things to do by 13 is definitely something for teenage girls to check out... you won't be disappointed!


Sadako said...

This is awesome. I bet I haven't done most of them, but I love list type books. Really want to read and see how many I've done!

Beth Kephart said...

at least. AT LEAST I floss my teeth.