Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ice (Giveaway Info at Squeaky Books)

The next hit book by Sarah Beth Durst, author of Into the Wild.

This book is based in modern times, up in Alaska and the arctic. Cassie lives with her father and their team at a research station in the middle of the ice-desert. Cassie's grandmother often told Cassie the story of how her mother was promised to the Polar bear king by her father the North Wind, but then she fell in love with a human man and the Polar Bear King(love him!) agreed to protect her from the North Wind's wrath, on the condition that their first-born daughter be his wife. But North Wind found her anyway blew her to the edge of the earth to be with the trolls.

Now it's Cassie's 18th birthday, and the Polar Bear King has come for her.

Enna Isilee ranted and raved about the awesomeness of this book over at her blog, and now she's offering anyone an opportunity to own it.

This giveaway is awesome and easy, head here to enter the drawing and to get more information (open to US residents only).

(Copied right off Enna Isilee's blog, Squeaky Books. This book sounds awesome and I'm looking forward to reading it!)


Rica said...

would love to win a copy!

Milli said...

I would love to enter, but I don't live in the US :(

Kiki said...

I've entered but the rules don't really make sense...It's the first I've ever entered a contest to win a book :D
I LOVE Sarah Beth Durst's Into the Wild. I musttt get a copy A.S.A.P
thanks Priya!