Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I am right now sitting in my dad's office, bored to death. Every once in a while I type on the computer or draw on the whiteboard, but the most important things are my secret exploring missions all over Microsoft. I haven't gotten lost yet.

Occasionally I go to the large windows overlooking the woods and cafeteria and read a book. Or, I take a quick trip to the bathroom to wash my hands. If I'm hungry, I stroll to the kitchen to get a soda, hot cocoa, water, or to use the Purell's hand sanitizer they have there. Maya spends most of her time sneaking in and out of the copy room to take the pencils, sticky pads, highlighters, and pens stocked in abundance there. That is her secret mission.

The sky is darkening with the upcoming storm and I hope the power doesn't go out for four days again.

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